Many have heard the legend of the great VFX Sorceror. It is written that he has the ability to conjure great feats of visual magic so fast and so well that you'd think it was actual magic. Many believe he was born on a great mountain top. Some say he was a gift from the heavens. Some even say he's not of this world. With a mouse as his wand, a keyboard as his pen and a monitor as his looking glass…mixing pixels to potions is what he does best.

My Roles have included:

VFX Lead, VFX Director, VFX Supervisor as well as all divisions of VFX artistry.


I’m willing to travel for on site VFX supervision on a per project basis.

Over the years I’ve built up an extremely powerful personal studio that can handle whatever you throw at it.

I do a lot of remote work. A LOT. Many studios are quite familiar with working with a remote artist. Usually a few conference calls are made to get everyone on the same page and then either by FedExing a hard drive or uploading via FTP, the work can get started almost immediately and proofs easily uploaded for approval as the project progresses.


I do not charge by the hour. I feel that there are too many variables that can cause one or both sides to get the short end of the stick. I charge a FLAT rate based on the project scope. I tend to work fast so it works out great for both parties.